New facebook virus is getting popular.

There is a new virus going around thats pretty clever.  It attempts to stop several popular antiviruses by pretending they are still functioning in an “Enhanced Protection Mode”.   So far I know this virus can pretend to be Avira, Avast, Norton, and ESET.  This virus also redirects to your computer where it will display a authentic looking facebook page stating “Sorry, we are experiencing temporary technical problem, please check back later.”  I am not certain yet due to only encountering this virus once so far but I believe it may also modify the apppath variable in the windows registry causing many programs to no longer retain settings properly.  The virus may also delete the windows security center service.

If you need us to help you remove this virus please enter the live chat and place an order for either the Quick Virus Removal ($35.00), Complete Virus Removal ($60.00), or Full Service ($88.00).

Update 8/19/2011:  Today this blog post seems excessively popular.  Not sure why as most of the visits look direct.

Update 8/20/2011:  This is an online computer repair business.  I do not know why this blog post has become so popular but I do not offer free help!


  1. Sorry, we are experiencing temporary technical problem, please check back later.?

  2. i tryed to log on on my computer after look at this wanna see summit funny .. then a virus send to my lapptop and i can no longer log in or sign up it works round other peoples house thhough

  3. No se me abre el facebook.. me sale de mensaje esto “Sorry, we are experiencing temporary technical problem, please check back later”, llevo 2 dias sin usar el facebook, necesito ayuda, ya cambie de navegador, tenia firefox y ahora tengo google chrome… quiero saber que es lo que le susede!!!

  4. I didn’t know that afcebook virus is getting popular. I am thankful to you that you provided this latest information about facebook virus.

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