Posts from February 2012.

Windows 7 Start Menu Missing Newly Installed Shortcuts?

I just found out today that Windows 7 has some sort of soft cap of 70 items on the Windows Start Menu.   I don’t exactly understand how it works yet but when certain installers install applications in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs the newly installed shortcuts will only instantly show up if you had less than 70 items in that folder prior to installing the new app.  However if you restart explorer these new shortcuts will display.

Computer Repair Tech Support Utility

Computer Repair Tech now offers a free support utility created by the same guy that made the D7 program that’s becoming more and more popular with computer repair technicians.  I must admit he is obviously no artist but the utility is quite handy!  Now everyone can fix common internet problems with the push of a button as well as run routine maintenance on their computer.  This new support utility will also grab the newest version of the CRT Remote so that I can connect to your computer. (Note: No one not even me will be able to connect to your computer unless you accept a connection or provide the randomly generated password)

Computer Repair Tech Support Panel

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Start Menu Width for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

I really see no reason not to increase the size of the Start Menu Width since you have plenty of room to spare and it will allow you to see extra text.   The easiest way to do that is to visit and download the Start Menu Width app.

Update: Website went down so for now use I hope the author doesn’t mind that I have setup a mirror until he gets his website back up.