About Us

Our Objective

Our primary objective is to deliver quality online computer repair services. We do online computer repair because we genuinely enjoy it. Making money off what we enjoy doing is great but that is not our primary objective. This company wasn't started out of greed but rather as a necessity to be able to deliver great service. How can these other companies claim they deliver quality service when their own procedures are designed only to rush work and to sell services you don't want or need?

Who We Are

We are geeks that spent our entire lives in front of the computer screen. Not because it was our job but because it's what we enjoyed doing. We started repairing computers for others in the mid 90's most of which was volunteer work. We also spent a lot of time in the AOL Tech Support chat and United Networks Help Chat on EFNet.

Eventually we discovered that our style of computer repair was considered foolish. Many other computer repair technicians told us "Why take the time to fix problems manually when you can just wipe and reinstall windows." Many computer repair companies out there want their technicians to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. They want to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. Our response to them is this "If all you ever do is wipe and reinstall windows then how can you ever improve your skills?"

We decided that if we were ever going to deliver our style of computer repair we had to start our own company and so in March 2010 ComputerRepairTech was created.

Frequently Asked Questions

This area will hopefully answer any questions you might have about our services prior to placing an order. If you have any additional questions please contact us.

We take security very seriously. The remote support software we use requires your consent to establish connection. Once a session ends we can not reconnect to the computer without you accepting the connection or entering a code on our support center website. While we are connected to your computer we can move the mouse cursor and keyboard but your mouse and keyboard has a higher priority. Any files transferred to and from your computer you are notified via a popup window. Our billing system uses a tokenized security system for more information on this great technology please click here.

The PC Maintenance Plan does grant us additional access to the computers files and settings for repair purposes but we can not view your screen or control your keyboard and mouse without you launching our teamviewer remote. We can also see a list of opened files on the computer to help us identify potential problems.

If for any reason we are unable to repair the problems you specified during the initial communication then we will issue a full refund. You can not for example pay for the full service to fix a virus and repair windows updates but then later bring up a new issue that we can't fix and expect a refund.

Many people have asked why our prices are so low given the amount of experience we have and the amount time we take with each customer. Keep in mind we are an entirely online computer repair business which allows us quite a financial advantage over local shops. We may be working on your computer and repairing problems for hours but at the same time we may be doing the same for four other customers.

We are an online computer repair company only. We can not repair any hardware related issues.

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