Error_removing_old_image_file can’t install google chrome extension

I noticed this error message while I was working on a clients computer today. I saw many people asking about how to resolve it but no answers were posted. After a little testing on the clients computer I discovered that this is related to permission issues in windows. I believe its related to permissions in the user appdata directory specifically. You need to have full control and modify capabilities. In this customers case they had:

USERNAME (PC-NAME\USERNAME) (this user had correct permissions)
Administrators (PC-NAME\Administrators) correct permissions here too)

HOWEVER they also had:
Users (PC-NAME\Users) (this user shouldn’t even be in this area as far as I know and it didn’t have full control or modify permissions, once this user was removed everything started working again)

Now playing with permissions can be confusing at times so if you need us to help you resolve this issue we can do so for a discounted price of $15.00 USD.

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