Bad anti-virus reviews are all over the place!

Today I was sitting at my day job and I received notification that they were switching from Trend Micro to Norton.   I thought to myself…thats interesting because that’s like going from the fire back to the frying pan.  Norton for companies is a lot less bloated than the home version but there are still better solutions out there.  Near the bottom of this notice there was a segment that we no longer get Trend Micro for free for home.  It’s no secret that i’m not a fan of Trend Micro so I considered that to be a good thing.  Anyway at the bottom of this e-mail was 2 links to 2 pretty popular PC magazines with articles on anti-viruses to help us choose an alternative.

So I view these articles and my response is this:


One of the articles gave the #1 spot to an antivirus that had worse detection but a nicer looking interface.   I am not making this up!  If you read an anti-virus review that gave a higher score to an inferior product because of a nicer interface please post a nasty comment for me!

The other article had tests being done where it showed several products scoring 100% in detection.  If you do a test and even one anti-virus gets 100% then you need a better test.  If you do a test and several antivirus products get 100% then you just need to step aside and let someone that knows what they are doing do the tests themselves because you obviously don’t have a clue.  Another thing that the second article was guilty of was giving high scores to products I know bog down your system BIG TIME.   I don’t care how good it is at stopping viruses,  if it slows down the user its garbage!

My personal favorite Antivirus is Avira.   It doesn’t have a nice interface but its detection is consistently top notch.  Avira’s removal process isn’t as good as some other anti-viruses but for most advance users just being told there’s an infected file is all they need.  For antimalware I like Malware Bytes because they have Merijn Bellekom….enough said.

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