Auto freeware installer Ninite! is getting more and more popular these days but there are still plenty of people out there that aren’t familiar with it.  Since I recently got a bunch of facebook “Likes” I thought I would write a useful blog post that almost everyone can benefit from. can detect if you already have a program installed or not.  It will also automatically say no to anything annoying the free app may come with such as browser toolbars etc.  Here is a list from top to bottom of apps I recommend you grab from

  1. Google Chrome (Probably safest web browser)
  2. Skype (Internet Phone)
  3. Pidgin (If you use several instant messengers get this)
  4. VLC (Video player that plays almost anything)
  5. All the Runtimes (Flash, Flash IE, Java, .NET, Silverlight, AIR, Shockwave)
  6. IrfanView (Image viewer thats fast and views almost everything)
  7. Open Office (Office alternative) (*Note: Only if you don’t already have microsoft office)
  8. Foxit Reader (Light PDF (acrobat) viewer)
  9. Essentials (Antivirus) (*Note: Only if you don’t already have an anti-virus installed)
10. Malware Bytes (AntiMalware)
11. uTorrent (if you use bittorrent get this)
12. Google Earth (View the earth)
13. ImgBurn (CD/DVD burning software)
14. CCleaner (Frees up hard drive space, for more advance users)
15. Defraggler (Alternative to windows defragment)
16. 7-Zip (File extractor that supports almost every format)

I hope this list of useful free software helps you guys.  I appreciate all the Facebook “Likes”,  thank you very much.


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