ubee ddw3611 bridge mode with Time Warner (Road Runner)

So I swapped from U-verse 24mbps service to Time Warners (RR) 50mbps service today.  I had everything ready for the tech.  I even went as far as having the cable line on the table next to a laptop with a surge protector on the table.  Line was already ready to be plugged in outside.  With my preperations it only took them 5 minutes to get me online.  Hopefully they will take that into consideration when they are billing me that 40 dollar install charge!

If you are a serious tech geek like me you probably already have a really nice router with custom firmware setup.  The first thing you are going to try to do is put the router into bridge mode.  Let me save you some time by telling you that bridge mode has been hidden by Time Warner.  To access bridge mode you must go to one of the following: (This one is usually to change it back into NAT mode)

*Note: default login and password is: user

Don’t forget once in bridge mode it’s just like any other cable modem.   When I say it’s like every other cable modem I mean you will need to power cycle the modem by unplugging the power then replugging it anytime you connect the modem to a new device.  So far the service is rock solid but I will update this blog post if something goes wrong.

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  2. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have run across your page!

    I was able to configure my Time Warner Ubee DDW3611 router as a bridge by accessing the page above, and clicked the ‘bridge’ button, then restarted the cable router.

    I then connected my old spaceship Airport Extreme from it’s WAN port to the Ubee modem’s LAN port#1. I didn’t think it was working, but after a minute or two they found each other and are now on speaking terms! I am using a MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.8

  3. This also works for the DVW3201b, but you have to use the secret admin login (google for it) to get access to the mode change page. Bridge mode got rid of the double NAT condition that my Airport Extreme was complaining about, and everything is now working smoothly.

    Thanks for posting this entry; it got me pointed in the right direction.

  4. I’v been looking in to what yall are talking about, ive found a manual for the ddw3611. I see not only did twc block us from seeing the bridging tab but also the output power % and also wifi multimedia? Im having problems with people being able to connect downstairs. From previous knowledge and routers the output % lets you set how far you can send the wireless router signal. So idk what to do because its on the manual but when I go to default ip its being blocked by twc so i dont know if my output % is on 100%
    Here is link to manual to see if anyone can figure it out? thanks!

  5. I wouldnt worry about that too much its probably 100% by default. (one would only hope they have the sense to do that)

    I would try a different channel or resort to other methods for extending the wireless network. You could just get a better router and put the modem in bridge mode.

  6. Time Warner will tell you their Extreme or Ultimate services require a modem upgrade. They will tell you that you have *free* wireless routing. They won’t tell you that you have to call and get tech support to activate it. They won’t tell you that you have to ask for the wireless password from them. They won’t tell you that you can’t forward ports. They won’t tell you how hard it is to get your wireless routing turned *OFF* and to get your modem put back into bridge mode (by only Time Warner). They may even forget they have to update their server databases with your new modem MAC address to get your digital phone working *and* they may forget to send signals to your modem to flash its eprom chips to allow you to get those speeds you are paying for. Forget about customer service with the Phillipines. They are hard to understand and they act like you asked them for the square root of an imaginary number if you ask them what their records show for your current MAC address. If you ask them why your wireless devices now have a slower intranet speed (as in file transfers from one wireless device to another), they won’t understand your issue. They will tout their down/up speeds and they won’t be able to wrap their minds around wireless adapter speeds being 50% lower using their wireless routing. They won’t understand a lot. If you call back and try to cancel your service, you will be on hold for a while but when you connect, Time Warner will try to keep you. The retention folks know how to reset your modem for the proper speed and to get you to Level 3 support-where you must go to get your new MAC address into their servers so your phone works, your wireless routing turned off, and your modem correctly placed into bridge mode. Don’t ever let the Phillipines support folks tell you that you have to call UBEE for the log in and password for your modem (Time Warner has this info and will never let you access their modem). Be sure your ethernet port 1 works on the back of your bridged modem so you can connect anything, including your own router, to it to get internet. The Phillipenes support folks will tell you the modem is working fine based on their testing; when you ask them to check the bridge settings, they will not understand you. Be prepared to spend two days on the phone with lots of people. If you just want their modem, maybe you will spend just one day on the phone getting the speed you are paying for.

  7. Excellent summary of the pathetic excuse of a company #twc is.
    Here’s some information that will enable you to take care of things on your end, instead of disturbing those useless reps.

    MASTER USER ID: The real administrator username that comes configured on these modems when you get them from Time Warner is *the last eight digits of unit’s MAC address.* This is unique to your device and can be found pretty easily by looking at the bottom of the unit.

    MASTER PASSWORD: “c0nf1gur3m3” (without the quotes)

    Feel free to change the password while you’re in there to keep those Time Warner useless bastards out.

  8. I got my Ultimate upgrade modem today. Im getting 30 mb at best but I can surf and watch Netflicks on the tv. They wanted to charge me to turn on the wireless feature but told me its free if I plug in my Belkin N wireless which is what I did and it works. Can I do better than 30 mb and why are they charging me if I want to use the wireless features on the modem? They aren’t charging you? Also why would I want bridge mode?

  9. Bridge mode basically turns the modem into a modem rather than a router which will allow your belkin router to do its job properly and not have a router behind a router.

  10. however now my belkin n router does not seem to work? Any suggestions?

  11. Did you remember to power cycle the modem after you plugged in the belkin?

  12. Just get rid of the Ubee and purchase a Docsis modem and use it in conjunction with your router. That ended all my networking issues. I have an Apple Extreme which I think is one of the best routers on the market.
    You still have to call TWC for them to set it up on their end. You will also save a few bucks a month on leasing fees for using their Ubee.

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