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I have always recommended Google Chrome as the safest web browser for several reasons.  However a recent combination of customer situations has had me searching for something to protect them even further.  I have found Web of Trust’s Google Chrome extension to be a very strong addition to Google’s built in protection.  Web of Trust works primarily on user feedback.  Usually stuff like this doesn’t work out but apparently there is so many Web of Trust users out there that it’s actually very effective.  As you would imagine it is not as effective on brand new fraudulent websites as they need to be up long enough for users to provide feedback on them.  Even with the limited effect on fresh fraudulent websites I still consider Web of Trust to be a very useful addition to Google Chrome.


Google Chrome:

Web of Trust:
*Make sure you are visiting the download area with the browser you want to install it on.  So if you download it while using internet explorer it will download the internet explorer version, not google chrome.

For advance users that want custom speed dials on Google Chrome, I recommend the Speeddial 2 extension.

Update 8/18/2011:
It was brought to my attention that a recent study says newer versions of IE are safer against malware sites by a massive margin.  I believe these results are taking into account IE’s download process which makes it a hassle to run any unsigned file.  There are far more legit pieces of software that are not signed than there is malware out there.  With that in mind I can not agree with that study as labeling legit software as potentially dangerous and hassling the users when they try to open legit software is not an acceptable method of protection.

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  1. It’s going to take a long time before the “tech-savvy” community considers using IE over another browser. It should be mentioned that a proper anti-virus and anti-malware solution will achieve adequate protection from trying to open dangerous files.

    More than that, chrome and firefox provide a very customizable user experience with their numerous extensions and addons (especially ad-block tools!).

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