Redirect virus can be a serious threat

There are many people out there that think that a redirect virus is no big deal but in reality that is rarely the case these days. It’s true there are some redirect viruses that do nothing but simple redirects but that’s not as common as it use to be. Many redirect viruses these days are from rootkits like Zero Access. Instead of just redirecting websites what your computer might actually be doing is also trying to steal your banking and email account related information. The redirect virus may also be doing fraudulent clicks in the background causing small businesses to suffer. In fact it is estimated that the zero access rootkit by itself (that’s not even counting all the other redirect viruses) cost advertisers 900,000 U.S. dollars a DAY.

Please understand that when you sit there and ignore a redirect virus you are helping criminals make money and lots of it. We charge 75.00 for our complete virus removal service and we also throw in free computer optimization and a free antivirus tweaked for performance. Please if you do not get help from us at Redirect Virus Removal please get assistance some where.

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