Multimonitors and special taskbar applications

I never really felt multiple monitors helped that much.  When I needed more screen real estate I simply bought a bigger monitor that supported a higher resolution.  I just felt it was a hassle to deal with that second monitor until a few months ago when I discovered Ultramon & Display Fusion Pro.  Both applications can create additional taskbars on the extra monitors that act just like the original taskbar.   Ultramon is 40.00 and Display Fusion Pro is 25.00.  If you are looking at just the taskbar feature I prefer Display Fusion Pro because it adds start menu, date, time, and the tiny show desktop option.

I’m not sure just showing you does it justice. You really can’t appreciate the second taskbar until you start using it. Personally I keep my work related applications on my left monitor and my other applications on my right.  I really don’t think I can ever go back to just a single monitor.

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