Mikko Hypponen on TED Talk

Mikko Hypponen on TEDtalk:  http://www.ted.com/talks/mikko_hypponen_fighting_viruses_defending_the_net.html

I have already mentioned Mikko Hypponen in a previous blog post mikko hypponen gives a basic summary of computer viruses.  This particular video goes into more detail.  Interestingly enough he used the wmf virus I sent him back in 2005 in this presentation.   The portion of the video containing the wmf virus I submitted starts at the 10:00 minute mark on the video.


  1. Great post! It’s fascinating how complex and sophisticated cyber crime has become in just a quarter century. Here in Maryland cybersecurity is becoming the “hot” industry our Senator Barbara Mikulski and local business chapters are promoting. I can’t agree more with the value and importance of this industry, especially considering the recent actions from China.

    Thanks for sharing this TED talk. How do you know Mikko?

  2. Well when I encountered a new virus or variation of one I would submit it to several AV companies. F-secure was the only one that really seemed to take interest in the reports and Mikko had contacted me directly for more info on my submissions.

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