Humble Bundle Game Packs

Today let me take a break from talking about computer repair related topics and discuss Humble Bundle which is something I participate in every chance I get. Humble Bundle offers a bundle of games and you pick the price you want to pay for them. You decide what portion of the games go to charity, developers, or Humble Bundle. Many of these games will work with older computers as they are typically produced by independent companies which are more focused on fun over bleeding edge graphics. Humble Bundle usually offers some extra games if you donate more than the average consumer which usually ends up being around 5 dollars or so. Not all the games will be great but at such a low price I certainly can’t complain.

If you are interested in checking it out visit them at If you don’t like the games they have offered also consider subscribing to the mailing list at the top left of the page to be notified of future Humble Bundles that may contain games you are interested in. This weeks bundle contains a game called Awesomenaughts which is kind of like league of legends (MOBA game) but as a side scroller (think megaman).

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