Daphne – which process is creating this mystery window?

So you have a window on your desktop and you can’t figure out what process it belongs to?   Well the easiest thing to do is if the window is moveable you can open task manager and sort processes by CPU usage.  Once you do that simply drag the window around really fast like a maniac and that will cause the process to have additional CPU usage enough to see on task manager.

Lets talk about a tool for those situations when dragging the window around isn’t an option or doesn’t work.  There is a program called Daphne that you can download from http://portableapps.com/apps/utilities/daphne_portable which will allow you to drag the little asterisk to the window you would like to identify.  Daphne will highlight the process for the window you have marked in the list of processes.  Daphne has some other useful features such as being able to set a window to stay on top or adjust its transparency but its main usefulness is being able to quickly identify a windows process.

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