Clipmate – The Clipboard Extender!

Clipmate saves everything you copy into the clipboard (you know the clipboard, copy/paste, ctrl+C/ctrl+V).   If you take a screen shot with Prt Scr key even that will be saved into clipmate.  You may think clipmate isn’t that useful but trust me once you get into the habit of copying and pasting clipmate will constantly help you.   Lets say for example I ran into a very strange error I never thought i’d see again with a client and I was searching all over the place for additional information.  Well lets say I finally resolved that situation and then 2 years later I run into the same issue.  With clipmate I can actually search through all my old clips and get an idea of what I did to solve it.  Some may find that hard to believe to be able to find that kind of information from clipboard history but once you get in the habit of using clipmate copying useful things just becomes second nature.  Whats that you say?  That’s what favorites are for?  I have over 33,000 clips!  Lets pick one at random…

1/13/2009 3:21:53 PM Maneki Neko     (ok what the heck is that, lets look for clues!)

1/13/2009 3:22:21 PM Solar Powered Relaxation Toy (what in the world?)

1/13/2009 3:28:59 PM Long receipt from jlist (now lets find out what i ordered by using google…)

Ok now I remember!  This is a head bobbing fortune cat that’s suppose to be like a financial lucky charm.  I have him on my desk at work as a reminder to keep on keeping on!  You know..because his head bobs infinitely and he has one fist up in the air?  🙂

Visit Thornsoft’s website for more information on clipmate:

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