Avoid purchasing all in one computers.

Many people have been going out and purchasing laptops or all in one desktop computers. Please do not purchase either of these products unless you have a really good reason to do so. For laptops please make sure you need the portability before making the purchase. I know many people out there that have purchased laptops but they just sit there in the same spot at home all day long.

When you buy a real desktop PC you can usually upgrade it after a few years by replacing parts or even taking out the parts and putting them into a new computer. You can also use the monitor with another computer in the future. When you have an all in one computer you are extremely limited in what you can upgrade. After a few years your all in one computer becomes out dated and you have to buy a completely new computer to catch up with technology.

Computer repair tends to also be much easier when you are working with a desktop. Desktops typically have significantly more room to work in and they do not use as many proprietary parts. If an aspect of the desktop breaks you can just swap it out with a new part. Please remember that not all desktop computers are equal so try to avoid any of those smaller mini towers as they can be significantly more difficult to upgrade.

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